Camps Bay beach

White sandy beaches, crystal clear water and blue skies. Walking along Camps bay beach will energize your soul. I love arriving early in the morning, long before I fetch my guests for their wine tour. I buy a cup of coffee and maybe a bite to eat and I sit by the beach and watch all the dogs having their morning walks with their owners. It is so wonderful to see. There is so much beautiful scenery to take it.

Enjoying Camps Bay beach with friends is wonderful. So many wonderful restaurants to choose from. Before dinner enjoy a walk on the beach, followed by some cocktails and then dinner. The Wine Specialists tour company will fetch you from Camps Bay for your private wine tour or even a Cape Peninsula tour.

This photo was taken with 2 guests who booked a group wine tour with me a few years ago. Since then they have been back several times and have booked The farm safari wine tour and shades of red wine tour with me. We have become firm friends and we look forward to our time together every year. At Camps Bay we enjoyed a lovely walk on the beach before we explored the surrounding areas.