Much needed nourishment

Last winter I fed the homeless by putting the warm soup in a lunch box container so they were able to reuse the container if they wanted to. It was a cold winters day and I remember how quickly [...]

Cape of Good Hope

I had the joy of taking a family on a private Cape Peninsula tour. I customized the tour that it was enjoyable and fun for both the parents and their children.

A little help with the harvest

Resident Lisa loves to be in the vineyards during harvest time. I had a wonderful time helping out with the harvest at one of my favourite wine estates…Deux Freres.


A friendly welcome from a friendly face. I love dogs and it is wonderful to be greeted by a fury friend. This is one of the local residences at Noble Hill wine estate. Some great wines by the way [...]

Pizza and wine

I love pizza and wine! In order to have a variety of food and wine options for my guests to choose from, I decided to pay Brenaissance wine and stud farm a visit. It is a lovely place to visit [...]

Beautiful Namaqualand

My heart belongs to Namaqualand. My flower tours in August are such an incredible experience. Finding good accommodation is always a priority. I have my special places where my guests and I stay. [...]

Pizza and beer

My guests wanted to mix things up and enjoy some wine tasting as well as beer tasting. Here they enjoyed a sample of different pizza’s with some local craft beers. Enjoy a customized, [...]

Wine tasting with the winemaker

I specialize in private tours. I create personalized tours with great attention to detail. Here my guests are enjoying a wine tasting with the winemaker himself. My guests were taken around the [...]

Hout Bay beach

Oh how I love doing a Cape peninsula tour. There is so much to see and do. Here we are visiting the beautiful Hout Bay beach, which has incredible views of Chapmans peak. There is also a [...]

Beautiful wine farms

I love my job. When I am not doing private wine tours, flower tours, Cape peninsula tours or other customized private tours I visit wine farms to see if they are suitable for me to take future [...]

Learning is exciting

As a our guide/ tour operator I strive for excellence everyday. I love to learn and discover new things. This allows me to create and share new experiences with my guests. I am in love with [...]

Beauty all around us

A simple drive to the traffic department can actually turn into a wonderful experience. Ask my family what my 2 greatest loves are and they will tell you, wine and flowers. I love, love, love [...]

One of our favourite spots.

As a family we love to eat out and it is a great way for me to try out new restaurants to see if they are good enough for me to take my guests to. Whether it be a wine tour, Cape peninsula tour [...]

The local community

I am also trying to sell my soup and bread to the local community. These soup pouches also contain 500ml of soup and can easily be defrosted and heated. They come in a lovely carrier bag.

Comforting and warm

Here is a picture of the soup containers that are distributed to the poor. This is yummy vegetable soup. These containers make them easy to eat out of and I am able to heat the containers in the [...]

Feed the homeless project

Where we live, the winters are really cold and wet. Bone chilling cold. Even in my home I freeze and dread having to get out of my warm, cozy bed in the mornings! I can make a fire and put the [...]

Bin digging is no life

Having to survive by digging through a bin on a daily basis, in order to survive is no dignified way to survive. Homeless people who live on our streets need to be treated with the same dignity [...]

A dogs life

A very loved, well looked after dog, enjoying a wonderful deep sleep. We love you girl.

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