A little bit of kindness

Today is our bin day and the weather is starting to turn and become very cold, windy and rainy. After dropping my kids off at school and driving back home, it is not uncommon to see the homeless people of our community digging through peoples bins as they are placed out in the morning before the bin collectors come and empty them out. People have become desensitized to the homeless rummaging through their bins! It saddens me every time I see it. Could you imagine having to do that? Looking for food in a bin!

During this COVID crisis the homeless are struggling even more, as people are giving less. We have had so many come to our door asking for help. I was watching this particular man this morning. He literally emptied out our entire bin to find something to eat or sell. I went out and asked him if he would like some warm soup and bread….he obviously said yes. I was so excited and happy that I could at least provide him with 1 warm, very nutritious meal, to keep his belly full for just a little while.