Feed the homeless project

Where we live, the winters are really cold and wet. Bone chilling cold. Even in my home I freeze and dread having to get out of my warm, cozy bed in the mornings! I can make a fire and put the heater on, all in an effort to stay warm. My kids get ready for school while I prepare their school lunches. Working at the rate of a sloth I can’t feel my fingers from my toes. We crank the heater up full blast in the car and all breath a huge sigh of relief as our bodies start to warm up. Yet, as we drive to school we pass countless homeless people sleeping on the icy cold pavement with barely a blanket covering them. How they survive the nights and even the days leaves me without words and it leaves me very sad. No one should live like this. Yes I know it is a very complex issue and one that is not fixed with the click of a button!

But, I have to do something!

So, our aim is to provide the homeless with a hot, nutrtious meal, in this cold winter weather of ours.