Beauty all around us

A simple drive to the traffic department can actually turn into a wonderful experience. Ask my family what my 2 greatest loves are and they will tell you, wine and flowers. I love, love, love flowers and after a good spell of rain it is so wonderful to see what has sprung up as you drive around town. I just adore these tiny combinations of yellow and white baby flowers. They don’t get any bigger than this and you will see them in their hundreds along the side of the road. I came across this patch of flowers at the traffic department and couldn’t resist taking a picture of them. They definitely brightened up my day.

They are called, “Cotula turbinata”. Their English name is funnel weed and their Afrikaans name is “ganskos”. They are a widespread and relatively common species. They are endemic to the winter-rainfall region of SA and occur from the Cederberg Mountains in the North to Cape Town and Eastwards to De hoop. You will often see them growing along grassy verges and park lawns.