Ending off on a high note

On our Namaqualand flower tours we enjoy the incredible views and tranquility of the beach at the West Coast National Park. We take off our shoes and socks, feel the sand in between our toes, [...]

Beautiful patterns

Capturing the incredible colours and patterns of the amazing flowers we have here along the West Coast is something I love to do. Here I took a picture of the beautiful Babiana. This flower is [...]

Bright colours

During the months of August and September every year the landscape along the West Coast and Namaqualand transforms into an incredible display of flowers. Here at The Wine Specialists we have been [...]


At The Wine Specialists we love visiting beautiful places. Book your private wine tour or customized tour with us today. You won’t be disappointed! Here we are enjoying the beautiful sights [...]

Road trip

Road tripping with The Wine Specialists is always a fun time. I am always driving along the countryside finding new special places to take my guests. Here, along the side of the road my daughter [...]

Special places

During these crazy times in which we are living, it is very comforting when you find a place which has incredible views, great wine and good food. We all need to take some time to relax and [...]