Hearty pea and ham soup

Winter is a lovely time of year to tuck into a hearty bowl of soup. Here I have made a delicious pea and ham soup. Smoked gammon or bacon give the soup a delicious taste. Enjoy the soup with a [...]

Much needed nourishment

Last winter I fed the homeless by putting the warm soup in a lunch box container so they were able to reuse the container if they wanted to. It was a cold winters day and I remember how quickly [...]

The local community

I am also trying to sell my soup and bread to the local community. These soup pouches also contain 500ml of soup and can easily be defrosted and heated. They come in a lovely carrier bag.

Comforting and warm

Here is a picture of the soup containers that are distributed to the poor. This is yummy vegetable soup. These containers make them easy to eat out of and I am able to heat the containers in the [...]

Feed the homeless project

Where we live, the winters are really cold and wet. Bone chilling cold. Even in my home I freeze and dread having to get out of my warm, cozy bed in the mornings! I can make a fire and put the [...]

Bin digging is no life

Having to survive by digging through a bin on a daily basis, in order to survive is no dignified way to survive. Homeless people who live on our streets need to be treated with the same dignity [...]

Fresh ingredients

Making delicious pots of soup with fresh, healthy ingredients is very important to me. The standard pot that I use makes 3 litres of soup and is packed with wholesome goodness and taste. Each [...]

A little bit of kindness

Today is our bin day and the weather is starting to turn and become very cold, windy and rainy. After dropping my kids off at school and driving back home, it is not uncommon to see the homeless [...]